​Trendy looks for 2019 that won’t break the bank
5th Jan 2019

​Trendy looks for 2019 that won’t break the bank

The landscape of the fashion industry is constantly changing and for those of us who enjoy keeping up with the latest fashion trends, here are the 3 new fashion trends for 2019 you should know about. Good thing is that there are ways to achieve these looks for less.

1.    Layers, layers, layers.

Layering is a lot of fun. It is like exploring colors, fabrics and textures. Now with the turn in weather, it is necessary

to layer up for your well being but who says even that can’t be fun?You can wear a sleeveless turtle neck over a shirt or knit top and throw on a jacket on top. This would usually look best if all colors are different but complimentary. To achieve this look, you do not have to spend so much. There are lots of discount shops that sell beautiful tops for under $10. There are also online thrift or consignment stores where you can get designer brands for less. The goal is to pick items that look good on you.


2.  Boots are knee high

Knee high boots are hot like cakes just out of the oven. We never needed a reason to deck them on but if ever we needed one, It is trending!The good thing about boots is that not only do they keep us warm, they have the ability to completely transform even a thrift store item to look like a designer item. You can wear these with short sweater dresses, mini or midi skirts. I have found out that a pair of long stockings that comes just above the boots makes people take an extra look. You can also go with the foolproof pair of skinny jeans on a sweater with long boots to create a timeless look. Both boots and jeans can be bought from discount or thrift stores if you want to be frugal, not cheap. Just ensure you look for good quality, like new items.


    3.All things bright and beautiful. Yes, you read that right – the bright colors are here and we are talking Neon bright! Bring out the sunglasses! The florals and neon brights will welcome spring and all things alive in their beautiful array of colors. Dresses, shorts or tops. 

You can begin to check out trendy clothing websites for deals especially with with most stores offering deals and discounts that come with the season that way you will be ready well ahead for a bright and beautiful spring/summer 2019